Polyolefin Production

Royal Dahlman has extensive experience with licensed processes and delivered a large number of automatic dust filtration systems for Polyolefin plants.

Over the last decades Royal Dahlman has gained a wide experience in the field of (hot) gas/catalyst & polymer fines dust filtration in refinery and petrochemical applications. Such include the filtration of PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, catalysts and other specialty chemicals, temperatures ranging from ambient up to 500 °C (932 °F). We employ solid and proven automatic blowback filtration & cleaning technology, based on a wide range of high quality filtration media, from fabric to sintered porous metal.

Dust filtration systems are installed in nearly every industrial plant, most often to meet the local environmental and governmental regulations with regard to the maximum allowed particulate emission levels. Other reasons for installing dust filtration systems might be to recover (intermediate) product or valuable catalyst, or to protect downstream equipment from fouling, plugging or excessive wear and tear. Royal Dahlman has supplied (hot) gas/catalyst & polymer fines dust filtration systems in challenging refining and petrochemical applications, processes designed by world’s leading licensors.

Royal Dahlman has gained an extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of dust filtration systems under particularly demanding specifications. We are fully aware of all aspects and attention points of any of the phases within such a project, enabling us to provide you with high quality equipment within short delivery times.

Royal Dahlman provides full mechanical guarantees in material, fabrication and workmanship) and process / performance guarantees (pressure drop, filter element lifetime and efficiency), as per client or licensor requirements. This recognition by our customers is shown by recommending Royal Dahlman on many of their processes. Extreme process conditions require a serious mechanical & process design to be able to guarantee a reliable and safe dust filtration system. Our expertise and know-how in the field of industrial dust filtration form the basis of our customized solutions, utilizing modern and sophisticated technology.