Hopper Vent Gas Filtration

"The FCC process requests to be operated 24 hours a day and as such, the reliability and availability  is of critical importance. Royal Dahlman's Catalyst Hopper Vent Gas Filters can be operated without any shutdowns in between two TAR's."

Fluid catalyst is continuously circulated between the FCC reactor and the regenerator using air, oil vapours, and steam as the conveying media. During the pneumatic transfer of catalyst to and from processing units and catalyst storage hoppers, fine catalyst is created. Filters effectively remove catalyst particles from vent gas streams before release to atmosphere, while efficiently recovering valuable product. Our technology is applied in refineries all over the world and approved/ recommended by main FCC licensors. The main features & benefits of our catalyst vent filters are:

Minimized (upward) velocities to avoid:

  • direct impact of the incoming abrasive particles and irreparable damage to the filter media
  • re-entrainment of particles on the filter media during blowback cleaning, and eventual plugging of the filtration system

High quality, sintered porous metal filter elements, Their features include:

  • proven, excellent performance under the severe flue gas conditions
  • special alloy filter medium with optimal resistance against mechanical & thermal shock and oxidizing environment
  • excellent in-situ cleaning characteristics
  • low pressure drops compared to other filter media
  • long lifetime

Typically vent gas filters in FCCU’s are located on top of:

  • Fresh Cat Storage Hoppers
  • Low Metals/ High Metals Equilibrium Cat Storage Hoppers
  • Spent Cat Storage Hoppers
  • Recovered Cat/ Cat Fines Storage Hoppers