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Royal Dahlman

Based on an old family business founded more than 125 years ago, Dahlman has grown  into a major supplier of tailor made solutions in various capital intensive market places:

  • Tailor-made gas- & liquid process filtration skids to the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical markets
  • Smart Customized Auxiliary components to the Gas Turbine Power Generation markets
  • High Efficiency waste-to-energy solutions to the Renewable Energy markets
  • Independent manufacturer and distributor of filter replacement parts and strainers for hydrocarbon extraction & refining, (petro)chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the energy sector

Royal Dahlman has not forgotten her roots and how she reached her current position. In 2011 Dahlman honourably received a “Royal” designation from the Former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

At Royal Dahlman we combine transparent business values with high tech solutions which are engineered and realized in our modern offices, production and warehousing facilities out of the Netherlands and Germany. It is our aim to build-up long term relationships with our clients, based on trust and our reputation for delivering quality against value for money.

As such Royal Dahlman is your partner. Innovative and reliable since 1886.

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Dahlman Industrial Group B.V. and its subsidiaries respect the privacy of its business relations and the users of our products and services. Dahlman Industrial Group B.V. and its subsidiaries only process personal data insofar as these are necessary for the proper fulfilment of its services. More information about how we protect your privacy can be found in our privacy statement. Dahlman Industrial Group B.V. and its subsidiaries do not provide personal data to third parties, unless the legislator requires this or unless the person whose data is processed gives permission. If Dahlman Industrial Group B.V. and its subsidiaries use external service providers in the performance of duties, Dahlman Industrial Group B.V. and its subsidiaries will request of these external service providers or processors that they comply with the legal framework for the protection of personal data in equal measure. Dahlman Industrial Group B.V. and its subsidiaries ensure proper security of all personal data by taking appropriate organizational measures and deploying modern technical IT facilities. Should changes occur in our privacy statement, we will publish the amended statement on our website.

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