Oil, Gas & (Petro)Chemical

Royal Dahlman offers a broad range of tailor-made filtration designs and assembly packages adding value to the most critical processes:

• Protective filtration & particle emission reduction solutions around catalyst cracking, polyolefin production & conversion processes at high temperatures/ pressures,
• Specialized filtration solutions in hydrocarbon exploration & production processes,
• Recovery technologies of valuable products out of heavy duty conversion processes,
• Numerous unique gas treatment process filtration solutions in acid & amine treating cycles,
• Unique gas scrubbing technology reducing solids fines emissions in starch production plants.

With over 100 years of experience you can rely on a serious track record; Royal Dahlman's high-end filtration technologies and the adjacent opportunities offered, are rewarded by leading licensors, EPC companies and end-users worldwide. Through a cooperative approach Royal Dahlman can jointly develop customized filtration solutions for harsh and demanding processes as well as new challenging applications. Focal points in Royal Dahlman's design & engineering process are nowadays driven by economic and environmental objectives, such as:

• Return of Investment: short payback times < 1 year are not exceptional when low grade products can be converted to valuable commodities.
• Total Cost of Ownership: should prevail in justifying investment decisions; Royal Dahlman offers cost-effective designs from in-house design to completely assembled filtration packages.
• Operating Philosophy and Reliability: low operational risk, reduced operational costs, and high reliability are key factors in Royal Dahlman's design.
• After Market Services & MRO Spare Parts: delivering filtration systems and filter replacement parts out of the Royal Dahlman facilities in The Netherlands and Germany.

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