Key Supply Frame Agreements

The Royal Dahlman Filter Services division subtly plays into the tendency of industrial enterprises to outsource purchasing and supply to specialist suppliers which also supply technical support and service & maintenance.

As Key Supplier Royal Dahlman Filter Services unburdens her customers, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their primary processes and to do so they need to be able to rely on an experienced partner. Royal Dahlman Filter services is such an experienced partner since the services of Royal Dahlman are perfectly tailored to the needs and wishes of its customers with cost and reliability being the main cornerstones.

Royal Dahlman Filter Services offers a professional organisation with extensive experience in the Process Industry in the area of Key Supply Frame Agreements and services within Europe & Middle East GCC. Customers within the  Dahlman Key Supply Concept (DKC) can therefore focus on their core competencies whilst Royal Dahlman Filter Services ensures quality and flexibility through customised solutions in managing their complete filter package.

Features in the Dahlman Key Supply Frame Agreements

  • Suppliers Reduction
  • Stock Reduction
  • TCO Cost Saving Proposals
  • Total Filtration Supplier on applications and Brands
  • Technical support for every Filtration application
  • Independent role within the Filtration market
  • Manufacturer and distributor
  • Price- / quality control
  • Automated stock management
  • 24-hour service
  • Just in Time delivery

Royal Dahlman Filter Services has an independent role in the Filtration market and supplies all possible brands and manufactures from A to Z. At Royal Dahlman the team considers it important that the reliable brands you use within your systems nowadays are well maintained and where possible the experts will provide you with advice regarding standardization, optimization and cost savings. Instead of having and maintaining dozens of suppliers for Filtration, at Royal Dahlman you can have with just one partner for all your filtration applications and materials.

Reliability of delivery is extremely important and due to our inventory and 24-hour service, we are able to provide all kinds of filter elements to our contractual clients within hours, as laid down in our contracts.