Starch Production

Applications of the Vane-cage scrubber
Scrubbers are designed and built by Dahlman for several industrial purposes. In general, scrubbers can be divided into two groups; scrubbers for dust removal (venturi scrubbers, Vane-cage scrubbers etc.) and scrubbers for vapour absorption (packed columns). Scrubbers for dust removal do not have enough contact surface to reach the efficiencies on vapour absorption like packed columns. On the other hand, a packed column is less efficient on dust fines and very vulnerable for blockings compared to a good dust scrubber.

A Vane-cage scrubber is designed as a solution for difficult dust emissions (sticky, abrasive, fines etc.) and proved to be more economical and more effective than a venturi scrubber. Because of his excellent efficiency we also apply this scrubber for dust removal in combination with ‘easy’ absorption jobs like SO2 SO3, NH3, HCl etc. This way two scrubbing processes systems can be integrated on one system.