After Sales Services

The service provided by Royal Dahlman does not stop with the installation, commissioning and start-up of the technology supplied. It includes operator training and performance monitoring. Also when the process is in operation for years after its initial start-up. Royal Dahlman provides the entire After Sales Service package for its customers.

Dahlman Filter Services philosophy is appliedĀ to all stages of any project, this is to support the best fit in the customer's investment approach.

  • Early project involvement combined with an integrated filter design approach to ensure optimum and most economic filter element usage during the life span of the filtration equipment
  • Whenever feasible, new equipment engineered with existing filter package to achieve customer's standardisation
  • Incorporate new spare parts from completed equipment projects within existing Key Supply Contracts
  • Provide consultancy and recommendations for filter systems with guaranteed quality and reliability for its customers
  • Periodical inquiries as to the functioning of the filtration system supplied to ensure optimum performance