Technical Filtration Consultancy

As a filtration specialist the Dahlman Filter Services division is always available to give advice to its customers regarding filtration principles. The various specialists within the company are able to assist with all existing issues relating to the filtration process. The Dahlman Filter Services division has years of experience in troubleshooting within the various filtration principles, including:

  • Liquid filtration
  • Liquid- and Gas separation
  • (Hot) Gas filtration
  • Air filtration
  • Dust filtration
  • Polymer filtration

Due to Royal Dahlman's independence it is able to find the best solution to each challenge encountered. Whether it concerns the upgrading of an existing filter or the optimisation of your current configuration, with the Royal Dahlman team you are at the right address. The expertise and independence enable the opportunity to search for the best solution for the customer and therefore do not limit potential improvements.

Royal Dahlman stands for quality and reliability of filtration systems, in consultation with its customers Royal Dahlman wants to ensure continuity and an optimum performing filtration system at the lowest possible operating costs. Royal Dahlman also provides solutions for temporary filtration problems by offering test- or rental filters.

Dahlman Filter Services is your reliable partner for:

  • Upgrading of existing filter systems
  • Trouble shooting within each filtration principal
  • Optimisation of existing filter configurations
  • Conversion of existing filter housings
  • Rental filters for temporary filtration needs
  • Lab test and analysis