Liquid Filtration


Cartridge filter housings

Bag filter housings

Terraced Filter housings



Automatic filters (Back flush and Back Flow)

Coalescer filter housings

 Oil filter housings

 Gas filter housings

Spare Parts

Wound filter cartridges

Pleated filter cartridges

Melt blown filter cartridges

Resin bonded filter cartridges

Metal filter cartridges

Sinter metal filter cartridges

Terraced filter elements

Filter baskets (metal screen/sintered metal/sintered layered/wire mesh)

Filter screens (metal screen/sintered metal/sintered layered/wire mesh)

Temporary strainers

Filter bags

Filter cloths

Wire mesh

Coalescer cartridges

Coalescer packages

Separator cartridges

Oil filter cartridges

Filter cloths for centrifugal filters

Filter cloths for filter presses

Filter cloths for Funda and Schenk filter units

Filter cloths for filter plates (for example Niagara and Sparkler)

Filter papers

Others ....