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since 1886

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Corporate Profile

Based on an old familiy business founded in 1886, Dahlman has grown to be a major supplier of tailor made solutions to the Oil,Gas & (Petro)Chemical, Power and Renewable Energy markets. In 2011 Dahlman honorably received the "Royal" designation from former Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. The company has not forgotten its roots and how it reached its current position. At Royal Dahlman transparent business values are combined with high tech solutions which are realized in modern engineering and production facilities.

An important aspect of the company's business is the dedication in selecting the best technology for our customers. This gives Royal Dahlman an unique edge in the market place since we are not tied to using any particular system or method.

Royal Dahlmans commitment to finding solutions for you does not stop when the system is delivered. A dedicated team is available for you, who can provide you with essential filter consumables, at most attractive price levels. Once again our independence plays a key role in the selection of the spare parts that we hold in stock. Royal Dahlman can supply almost any type and brand of filters via our large warehouse facilities in Elsloo in the south of Holland. As a long established company our aim is to build-up long term relationships with our clients, based on trust and our reputation for delivering quality and value for money. 



Dahlman is fully qualified to various norms and standards including: ISO, VCA**, ASME, PED etc. But quality is not only about paper qualifications. It is also a mindset which can be recognised in all of our employees. Quality is often just going that extra mile and taking a little extra care. Our staff are all carefully selected specialists, each dedicated to doing his or her job to the highest possible levels. Naturally we have a Quality Control manager at company level. However, every project is also carefully controlled and monitored by a specially selected project manager. His function is to ensure that every aspect of development and engineering is under close scrutiny to ensure that our products are built to specification, built safely and will also give years of reliable service to the end-user. At Dahlman we take quality very seriously indeed.