Royal Dahlman's contribution to ...

Date: 11-07-2023

Royal Dahlman's contribution to full scale decarbonization initiatives recognized with Order for a Hydrogen Purification System

Royal Dahlman, a leading provider of sustainable solutions for the industrial sector, has achieved another milestone in its commitment to decarbonization. The company is pleased to announce that it has received a significant purchase order for an advanced oil removal system, set to be delivered to a new sustainable energy production plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The oil removal system, known for its innovative technology and efficiency, will play an essential role in enhancing the performance of the Rotterdam plant. The integration of Royal Dahlman's advanced technology will allow the Rotterdam plant to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and sustainability. By significantly reducing the emissions associated with hydrocarbon release, the plant will contribute to the city's ambitious goals of becoming a carbon-neutral hub.

Royal Dahlman's oil removal system combines tailored separation and advanced filtration processes to extract hydrocarbons from the hydrogen production process, ultimately limiting the release of harmful substances into the environment.

The order for the oil removal system further solidifies Royal Dahlman's position as a key player in the blue and green industrial sector. The company's expertise in developing sustainable solutions has garnered recognition and trust from clients worldwide.