Contracts for delivery of numerous Slurry Oil Filtration Packages

Date: 14-02-2023

Royal Dahlman has secured orders for the supply of several Slurry Oil Filtration Packages. By removing catalyst fines from the slurry oil, product fuel oils can be upgraded, or feedstock can be provided for production of carbon black or other products. Dahlman designs, fabricates and assembles fully dressed FCC Slurry Oil Filtration packages, based on proven filtration technology with a continuous solids content reduction to < 20 ppm wt. High quality sintered porous metal filter elements are utilized as filter media and are installed in the filter vessels, in such a way that solids are retained on the inner surface of the elements. Clean filtrate passes through the solid’s  “cake” and filter medium. Once the filter’s delta P has reached its pre-set value after normal filtration mode, the package its cleaning sequence is automatically started. Dahlman’s gas-assisted backwash technology eliminates channeling and incomplete cleaning. It is one of the most effective and efficient in-situ cleaning methods.