Wet Dust Scrubbing

Royal Dahlman's proprietary Vane-Cage Scrubber (VCS) technology is one of the most efficient and economical solution for removal of dust. Due to its excellent efficiency the VCS is also applied for dust removal in combination with absorption of SO2, SO3, NH3 or HCl.

In comparison with a dry dust filter, a scrubber is an excellent gas cleaning principle to remove solids that are sticky, abrasive or easy combustible.

The Vane-Cage Scrubber offers many benefits to our customers:

  • Higher efficiency on dust emission reduction and less energy consumption (dP) compared to a venturi scrubber,
  • Low bleed streams (reduced waste water treatment costs and reduction of make-up water),
  • Minimal maintenance, since the VCS does not have any moving or rotating parts,
  • No fouling issues, since no spray nozzles or demister required.

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