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Renewable Energy

In 2001 Royal Dahlman was asked to participate in the development of the OLGA tar removal technology. Tar removal is seen as the Achilles heel in biomass and waste gasification. OLGA proved to be the solution. The Product Gas of fluidized bed gasifiers with an integrated OLGA downstream can now be utilized in gas engines, gas turbines and for the production of hydrogen, ethanol, FT-diesel and synthetic natural gas.

OLGA is patented by ECN and exclusively licensed to Royal Dahlman. In 2007 Royal Dahlman started its renewable business. Projects with “OLGA inside” are developed around the world. We are participating in many FEED studies for future gasification projects.

Royal Dahlman also cooperated with ECN in the development of MILENA, the next generation gasifier. MILENA-OLGA is the most efficient route to bioSNG (70% net). MILENA is an indirect gasifier delivering a nitrogen free syngas with high efficiency thanks to 100% carbon conversion and a limited use of steam. The integrated MILENA-OLGA system is also a perfect fit for gas turbine combined cycle systems.

With worldwide partners, Royal Dahlman acts as an integrator and is able to provide turn-key solutions for biomass or waste to power projects.

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