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Synova invests in Royal Dahlman

Date: 21-09-2012

Synova LLC, an American project developer specializing in waste-to-energy projects has, in cooperation with her Dutch subsidiary, acquired a minority stake in Royal Dahlman, of Maassluis, The Netherlands. This transaction is part of a strategic cooperation between both parties aimed at the worldwide development of waste-to-energy power plants based on a concept developed by Synova and Royal Dahlman. This investment enables Royal Dahlman to significantly accelerate its growth strategy in the field of renewable energy technology. The cooperation should result in a revenue growth of at least 30 percent within the next three years.

Since 2001, Royal Dahlman has built up a leading position when it comes to the knowledge and supply of technology for power plants based on gasification of biomass and/or waste. An important part of this is the OLGA technology, which removes entrained tars from the gas generated by gasification (“syngas”), upgrading the gas to a quality suitable as fuel for reciprocating engines or gas turbines. This cooperation enables Synova to include the innovative technology and expertise of Royal Dahlman in its projects. Royal Dahlman and Synova have developed a standard design for “waste to energy power plants” that is available in three sizes, and these form the basis for cost reduction and faster cycle times for a large number of projects that are planned in North America, Europe and Asia.

Frank Egas, General Director at Royal Dahlman, emphasizes, “Due to the unique properties of the OLGA technology and the expertise and reputation our company has built in this area, customers engage us at an early stage in their plans. By partnering with Synova, we not only bring our technology, but also a strong partner who can contribute in the development and financing of projects. We anticipate a lot from the given combination”.

Synova LLC, also known as Synova Power, is a developer of waste and biomass gasification projects, with a special focus on integrated gasification combined cycle (“IGCC”) plants. They have adapted the most efficient solid fuel technology for power generation, the IGCC (so called “clean coal” technology), to fuels that are cost-effective but do not add greenhouse gas. Synova is headquartered in Los Angeles with operations in the Netherlands and active projects focused in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

Royal Dahlman is a Dutch company established in 1886, located in Maassluis, Elsloo (L) and Bahrein. The company designs and produces filter installations for the power, oil- and gas and (petro)chemical industry. Earlier this year Dahlman received from Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands the “Royal” designation.