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Reduced Emission Record FCC Filter

Date: 15-10-2014

Set a new standard: FCC cat fines emissions < 1 mg/Nm3 !  

Royal Dahlman’s FCC Flue Gas Full Flow Barrier Filter technology has recently been installed, and successfully taken into operation, at a main Bulgarian refinery. This innovative and highly- efficient dust collector system replaces a malfunctioning Electrostatic Precipitator as part of the ambitious modernisation project that started some years back. Where conventional systems (wet scrubbers or ESP’s) reduce cat emissions to an average level of 20 – 40 mg/Nm3, first measurements show that Royal Dahlman’s Dust Collector is minimizing the PM stack emission even further to below 1 mg/Nm3 

Not only groundbreaking technology, but also a highly economic and reliable solution to face the current and future environmental and governmental emission regulations.

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