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These are turbulent times in the oil refining industry. Apart from the many challenges that European refiners are confronted with, they also have to face the new stringent regulations with regard to a.o. FCC catalyst fines emissions. The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), the new Best Available Technology (BAT) reference documents (BREF’s) for the Refining of Mineral Oil and Gas, and/ or The National Emission Ceiling (NEC) set fixed ceilings for particulate matter (PM) emissions.

Taking this into consideration, Royal Dahlman is proud to present an innovative and highly efficient, proven filtration technology, that guarantees the lowest cat fines emissions, at low installed costs, compared to conventional separation technologies (TSS, ESP or Wet Scrubber).

Extensive experience in refining processes and know-how of proven FCC flue gas filtration technology has resulted in the development of a Full Flow FCC Flue Gas Filtration Package. Originally the filter system is designed, fabricated and commissioned by Royal Dahlman to replaces a malfunctioning Electrostatic Precipitator, as part of the ambitious modernization project in Eastern Europe.

Where conventional systems (wet scrubbers or ESP’s) reduce cat emissions to an average level of 20 – 40 mg/Nm3, Royal Dahlman’s Full Flow FCC Flue Gas Filter is minimizing the PM stack emission to << 10 mg/Nm3.

The benefits of Royal Dahlman’s Full Flow FCC Flue Gas Filter Package are impressive:

  • low OPEX & CAPEX (compared to ESP, TSS, Wet Scrubber),
  • no sensitivity to (sudden) solids load changes (ESP, TSS),
  • small plot space (compared to ESP, Wet Scrubber),
  • no risk on explosions (ESP),
  • dry solids disposal, no need for further processing (Wet Scrubber),
  • no visible plume (Wet Scrubber).