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(Petro)Chemical Production Plants

"Dry or Wet dust removal, that is the question...."

This is highly dependent on the conditions of the gas, the characteristics of the solids, the required emissions reduction, etc. Consult Royal Dahlman for assisting customers in this selection, since Royal Dahlman offers both options:

Wet Dust Scrubbing

Royal Dahlman's Vane-Cage Scrubber is one of the most efficient and effective dust scrubbers available in the industrial marketplace. Extremely suitable for high volumetric flow rates with high humidity’s, or sticky, abrasive, easy combustible solids.

Dry Dust Filtration

Royal Dahlman's tailor made dust filtration systems are mostly designed for high operating pressures, high operating temperatures, highly corrosive and oxidative environments, or extremely abrasive solids. Over the last decades we have gained our expertise on challenging applications in specific industries. This recognition by our customers is shown by recommending Royal Dahlman on many of their processes.