Why Royal Dahlman is selected

Date: 15-11-2018

Why Royal Dahlman is selected to supply a new Cooling Water Side Stream Filtration Package to Saudi Aramco’s Fadhili Gas Plant

In 2017, Royal Dahlman was awarded a contract to undertake the engineering, fabrication and assembly of a cooling water side stream filter as part of the Saudi Aramco Fadhili Gas Program. The scope of work includes the supply of filter vessels with associated internals for the fine filtration of process cooling water and the complete piping module through which the package is controlled and operated.

Royal Dahlman has been selected for the supply of the package for this plant for its reputed performance on cooling water filtration in desert climate. These side stream filters will remove suspended solids from the circulating cooling water and maintain the total suspended solids level within limits, even when a sand storm hits the open cooling water tower. The flow through the side stream filter package is set at 5% of the total circulating cooling water flow rate. A bleed is taken from the cooling water circulation pumps discharge header and fed to the filter package. From the filters, the filtered water will be sent back to the common collecting channel in the cooling tower basin. The sides stream filter is self-cleaning, based on pressure drop or timer, and fully automatically operated through interface with DCS.

Royal Dahlman delivers this side stream filter technology with maximum, guaranteed performance proven in similar service, designed and built to recognized practice.