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Terraced Filters selected for capacity expansion

Date: 03-12-2018

Royal Dahlman Terraced Filters selected for capacity expansion in Luxembourg

One of the most successful science and engineering companies in the world has chosen Royal Dahlman to deliver two additional Royal Dahlman Terraced Filters™ for the expansion of their production facilities in Luxembourg. The Dahlman Terraced Filter has found its roots in the filtration of gel particles in the production process of Vinyl Chloride Resin (PVC), Polyol and Rubber. The name Terraced Filter, abbreviated T-Filter, derives its name of the construction of the filter media. By applying a radial pleated construction instead of the conical axial construction a significant increase of filter surfaced is achieved. The filtration direction is from inside to the outside. Hence all dirt is on the inside of the filter, keeping the workspot clean while changing filters. Between each terrace drainage material is foreseen to provide space between each filter layer. This ensures a proper flow distribution and makes an extremely high DHC possible. Especially for this feature the filters has been selected again.