Royal Dahlman's Terraced Filter Technology in Italy

Date: 01-10-2019


Royal Dahlman expands installed base for the Terraced Filter Technology in Italy 

A large Italian chemical company leading the market in a host of businesses such as plastics and rubbers has invested in more Royal Dahlman Terraced filters in its manufacturing plant. In line with the company’s corporate culture, one of their important goals is to keep on meeting the customers’ requirements and making the company more and more sustainable and competitive. Already operating the unsurpassed Royal Dahlman terraced filters recently a new contract has been awarded to Royal Dahlman for the delivery of additional filter units for their production plants. The name Terraced Filter, abbreviated T-Filter, derives its name of the construction of the filter media. By applying a radial pleated construction a significant increase of filter surfaced is achieved. The filtration direction is from inside to the outside. Between each terrace drainage material is foreseen to provide space between each layer. This ensures a proper flow distribution and makes a high DHC possible. This outstanding filtration technology is embraced by large Oil & Gas companies such as Shell, Aramco, ENI.