Succesfull and timely completion of FCC Slurry Oil Filtration project

Date: 01-11-2018

Succesfull and timely completion of FCC Slurry Oil Filtration project for Indian Refinery Upgrade
Royal Dahlman added another project delivery to its extensive reference list of Slurry Oil Filtration packages for the refining and petrochemical industries. The Slurry Oil Filter is a critical part in the refinery upgrade enforced by the Indian government aiming to implement BS-VI fuel in the entire country from April 2020 to curb pollution. Oil firms will have to be prepared to retail BS VI-compliant fuel by then. Clarified Oil will be processed in Delayed Coker Unit for production of Needle Coke. With processing of CLO in DCU, RCO will be surplus and the surplus RCO will be fed to the FCC unit.

The project ensures profitability of the refinery by improving distillates yield and enhance production of MS and LPG.

Royal Dahlman is a reputed filter technology supplier to the Oil & Gas Industry, Refineries and Petrochemicals. Royal Dahlman provides tailor-made, cost-effective filtration packages for demanding applications:

• Solids & Free Oil Filtration Technologies in (brackish) Water (automatic backwash)
Removal of suspended solids and/or free oil particles by means of sand, nutshells or activated carbon.
- cooling water (side stream) filtration
- produced water filtration
- source well injection water filtration
- process water filtration (Boiler Feed Water, Condensate)
- (offshore) seawater filtration (well injection)

• Solid Fines & Catalysts Filtration Technologies in Gases (automatic blowback)
Removal of catalyst, flakes, fines, fluff, powders, etc. from (hot) process gas by means of fabric, or porous sintered metal filter media.
- polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) solids-gas filtration
- (hot) catalyst fines filtration (CCR / (R)FCC / Gasification/ IGCC)
- filtration of sticky and/or explosive fines (a.o. VCM, BPA, CMC, Melamine)

• Solid Fines & Catalysts Filtration Technologies in Oils (automatic backflush)
Removal of catalyst, sand, fines, impurities, etc. from (hot) oils by means of porous sintered, wedge wire or dutch weave metal filter media.
- FCC slurry oil filtration / (R)FCC
- Special applications: heavy oil filtration, Hydrocarbons (condensates)

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