Toxic emission reduction

Date: 02-03-2020

Royal Dahlman successfully completes supply of ultra-safety filters for toxic emission reduction:

A world leading manufacturer of metal catalyst was facing emission challenges. Following an extensive safety study, it was concluded that two stages of ultra-fine filters were required to reduce the toxic emission below legislation limits and to assure backup in case of failure of the first filter stage.

Royal Dahlman engineers got involved and designed a solution with two separate filter stages in one pressure vessel housing, which significantly reduced costs. This design provides the required reliability and availability, next to a very high filtration efficiency, while significantly reducing in footprint.

The filters are equipped with integrated differential pressure monitoring across each filter stage enabling the client to monitor operation and fouling behaviour. Safe exchange of the filters is of outmost importance, since the catalyst is highly carcinogenic. Therefore Royal Dahlman designed the vessels in such a way that product accumulation in dead spots and nozzles is minimized. The filter elements are assembled in a removable insert enabling replacement of the filters outside the filter vessel.

This project is a great example of the added value of custom designed filters to meet your specific needs. At Royal Dahlman we design your specific filter solution, combining 135 years of experience with the latest product and technology developments.