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Royal Dahlman to build new test facilities

Date: 03-12-2018

As a result of an increasing demand of testing and rental filters, and the sales of the same, Royal Dahlman will build new test filters. Royal Dahlman owns a fleet of various test filters among which Terraced Filters™ and a (hot) oil filter. The Terraced Test Filter holds one (1) industrial size Terraced filter. Clients that look for solving a filtration problem for (low) temperature and low viscosity (chemical) fluids in their plant may consider to run a test with the Terraced Filters™. The maximum operating temperature for a terraced filter is 121 degrees Celsius. In some cases our Clients also rent the filter for tank cleaning purposes. We offer our clients to test the performance of the T-filter in their plants before buying the filter equipment. In the new filter design also ‘standard’ type of cartridges can be used.The automatic Oil Pilot Test Filter can hold a variety of metallic filter media (either porous stainless steel, wire mesh or wedge wire). Clients that look for solving a filtration problem for (higher range) temperature and relatively low viscosity (hydrocarbon) fluids (like FCC Slurry Oil, Heavy Coker Gas Oil, Hydrocracker feeds (VGO, LCO, UCO, DCO) in their plant may run a test with the pilot test filter to demonstrate the technical possibilities on filtration.


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