Optimized delivery program

Date: 04-02-2020

 Royal Dahlman optimizes program on Sintered Metallic Elements

Royal Dahlman designs, engineers and manufactures for a wide range of customers in the industry. Our capability to provide products from a single, specialised, retrofit element to complete fabrications, packages and vessels, is complimented with on-site support and a complete after-sales service. In addition to our acknowledged leadership in engineering and quality, we have extensive laboratory, development and testing facilities to meet international standards. Royal Dahlman continues to research new materials for applications into filtration and separation. Examples are the development of metallic membranes or the use of specialist surface modification, to provide chemical or physical properties that are beneficial to the separation activity or the longevity of the filtration equipment.

The process industry demands filters that withstand the most extreme and aggressive conditions of temperature, pressure and corrosion, whilst safeguarding operators and systems from particulates and ensuring environmental protection. Each filtration and separation requirement presents its own critical challenges and requires superior reliability, durability and a robust product construction.

The foundation of our products is the filter media itself; we offer a range of media to fulfil the most demanding duties. Our metallic filter media are in both cartridge and element forms, with a variety of hardware to suit any housing or vessel configuration. Designed to meet your needs, our advanced welding and assembly capability, supported by a high quality ethos, ensures total customer satisfaction.

For more information we refer to our Dahlman Datasheets:
RD101_RD-F Pleated
RD102_RD-P Cylindrical
RD103_RD-F Cylindrical
RD104_RD-M Pleated
RD105_RD-M Cylindrical.