Royal Dahlman gets set for shipping produced water filter package to Kuwait Oil Field

Date: 25-09-2017

After more than one year of engineering, fabrication and assembly, now the FAT is nearing its end. The units are being prepared for transportation. Royal Dahlman inked the deal of this multi-million-dollar contract to build this water filtration plant after being selected for "most reliable filter technology". Detailed engineering and fabrication works commenced in the first quarter of 2016.

Royal Dahlman won the bid for the state-run Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) also because of the working experience for KOC and filtration technology know-how. The water filter package, that will remove oil and solids from water, is to be installed in the North Oil Field, 90 kilometers north of Kuwait City.

Royal Dahlman has been carrying out multiple large projects in the Middle Eastern country, including two similar projects with the KOC.