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Roadmap Renewable Gas

Date: 30-06-2014

On  June 6 Ulco Vermeulen, President of the Green Gas Forum, presented the first copy of the Roadmap Renewable Gas to representatives of the government, the mobility sector and the Gasification Industry. This occurred during the conference “Across the border with Gas” by TKI-Gas. The roadmap provides a good overview of all Renewable Gas options up until 2030 and contains concrete recommendations to stimulate the production of gas from fermentation, gasification and power-to-gas.

The Roadmap was accepted by Bert de Vries, Deputy Director General for Energy, Telecom and Competition of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Raymond Gense, Manager Sustainable Development at PON and Frank Egas, CEO Dahlman Industrial Group.

Short term growth fermentation
A key component of the roadmap is an estimate of the biogas potential based on fermentation. The Roadmap provides mainly for an increase in the use of low-grade wet residues as manure, sewage sludge, grass and seaweed. Fermentation can contribute a considerable 5-7%, an equivalent to 15-20 PJ, to the Renewable Energy goals of the government up until 2020.

Opportunities for marketing biogas in mobility
The Road Map also contains an inventory of the various marketing channels such as heat production, cogeneration, commitment in the gas or the production of bio-LNG or bio-CNG. Sales of biogas in transport is one of the most promising routes.

Long term Gasification and Power-to-Gas contenders
Regarding gasification, Roadmap outlines the opportunities offered by Syngas as a feedstock for the industry or for direct energy. Gasification still requires the necessary technological innovations before this route can be applied on a larger scale, this also applies to Power-to-gas. The surplus of wind and solar energy is hereby buffered or converted into hydrogen gas. Applications are the blending of the gas system or direct use in industry or mobility.

Green Deal
The Road Map Renewable gas is an agreement from the Green Gas Green Deal of 2011, signed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and 25 parties united in the Green Gas Forum, chaired by Ulco Vermeulen, Managing Director Business Development & Participations GasUnie. The Roadmap has been compiled at the request of the Green Gas Forum. The Road Map was drawn up by the Gemeynt, ECN, Green Gas Netherlands and The composition of the Road Map has provided valuable information for a large number of parties from the Renewable Gas chain.

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