Reputed Australian Refiner selects Royal Dahlman

Date: 04-01-2023

The refinery produces products serving the Australian fuels market. The feed filter packages that Royal Dahlman will supply are required to enable the refinery the production of 10 ppm sulfur gasoline for all gasoline grades. Critical to this project is the removal of the sulfur from the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) gasoline (desulfurization) while minimizing octane loss. The naphtha feed filters will remove the contaminants and impurities from the naphtha feed stream protecting the hydrotreater catalyst bed. The name DAHLMAN Terraced Filter, abbreviated T-Filter, derives its name from the construction of its filter element. By applying a radially pleated construction instead of the commonly known axial pleats, a significant increase infiltration area is achieved. The filtration direction is from the inside to the outside. Between each filter material layer, a layer of drainage material provides space between each layer. This enhances a proper flow distribution and makes an extreme high dirt holding capacity (DHC) possible.