Reduction of FCC Flue Gas Catalyst Dust Emission;<< 10 mg/Nm3

Date: 14-01-2016

Reduction of FCC Flue Gas Catalyst Dust Emission;<< 10 mg/Nm3 guaranteed...

Stack emission reduction of FCC catalyst fines has always been an important issue in refineries.Not only to protect downstream equipment, but in particular to meet local environmental and governmental legislations. Refiners worldwide need to revamp their FCCU regenerator off-gas systems and grassroots refineries need to implement the latest filtration technology to reduce their stack emissions. In many cases, conventional separation technology is not sufficient anymore to meet these stricter emission guidelines.

As you may be aware, many countries require these emissions to be lower than 50 mg/Nm³. In response to increasingly tighter emissions standards, Royal Dahlman has developed a filter system designed to further decrease the emission (and which can replace an ESP, or in some occasions the TSS). The current installed system was built on the foundation pad for the customer's ESP, and has been succesfull in operation for over one year. 

 It should be noted that: 

  1. This filter outperformed the ESP that it replaced.
  2. The cost for this system was very competitive with that of the ESP. 

 A Full Flow Flue Gas Filter is especially designed to remove catalyst fines from FCC flue gas after the Waste Heat Boiler and to reduce stack emissions to the lowest possible level. The main benefits of a Full Flow Filter Package are impressive: 

  • significantly lower OPEX
  • emissions << 10 mg/Nm3, guaranteed,
  • no sensitivity to (sudden) solids load changes,
  • small plot space,
  • no risk on explosions (ESP),
  • dry solids disposal, no need for further processing (wet scrubber),
  • no visible plume (wet scrubber).

 Where conventional systems (wet scrubbers or ESP’s) reduce cat emissions to an average level of 20 – 40 mg/Nm3, a well-designed FCC Full Flow Flue Gas Filter can minimize the PM stack emission to << 10 mg/Nm3.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Also you may find additional information on our website: