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MILENA Gasifier under Construction

Date: 19-12-2014

Construction of first commercial Royal Dahlman MILENA Gasifier in final stage. 

During the last year Royal Dahlman has designed the MILENA indirect gasifier with a capacity of 4 MWth. In combination with the OLGA tar removal system, a clean product gas is produced which will be utilized in an 1 MWe gas engine.

This project is in co-operation with the Indian firm Thermax, which is responsible for the construction of the plant. The plant is built in a region with a number of soya plantation fields of Ruchi Soya Industries. The company will convert the waste of the soya harvest into energy, which in turn, will be used to process soya beans.

Construction of the plant started a few months ago and the completion is scheduled for January 2015, plant start-up is scheduled to be in the first quarter of 2015.


Please contact us at Royal Dahlman for more information.