Hydrocarbon Condensate Filtration Package

Date: 01-06-2020

Royal Dahlman inked a deal for a Hydrocarbon Condensate Filtration Package. Detailed engineering and fabrication works commenced in the first quarter of 2020. Royal Dahlman won the bid for the Kingdom’s State Owned Company because of the working experience for Aramco and filtration technology know-how on automatic backflush filters with harsh and demanding process warranties. The hydrocarbon condensate filter package is designed for a flow rate of roughly 1403800 LB/HR and will remove solids, pipe scale etc. The unit is to be installed at the Haradh Gas Gathering Manifold, Saudi Arabia, approximately 430 km south of Dammam. Royal Dahlman has been carrying out multiple large projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including a number of similar projects with Aramco.