Filtration Technology is...

Date: 01-05-2019

Recently Royal Dahlman has successfully delivered another number of critical Bag Filters for two production lines of a new polyethylene plant in the USA. Being recommended by leading PE process technology licensors, our solids-gas filtration technology is installed and operated in an impressive number of polyolefin plants worldwide.

More and more, end users are under economic or regulatory pressure, and EPC companies active in the petrochemical industry have to deal with increasingly demanding contracts. Nowadays, we experience that Royal Dahlman is awarded with new contracts, not only because of our advanced dust filtration technology, but also because of our quality products, our ability to comply with the most stringent project specifications, and our inhouse international project management. In many countries we also offer local service and support, and our options to fabricate our products in close cooperation with local companies are highly appreciated by our customers.

Royal Dahlman has a proven track record of over 40 years use in the Polyolefin Industry, and we are proud of our reputation as an innovative and reliable partner.