Filter element supply for BoPET film manufacturer

Date: 16-10-2020

Our company has been awarded with an outstanding order of filter items for production of Biaxially Oriented Polyester Film (BoPET film) to the European production plant. Recently it was confirmed the contract for manufacturing and delivery of sintered metal filter discs and gaskets. These discs & gaskets are used in the production line to filtrate melted polyester. The shipment of all products is expected until the end of the year 2020.

Royal Dahlman together with our colleagues from Porvair Filtration Group has an excellent experience within manufacturing of the various products for BoPET  and BoPP film manufacturers all over the world. It is offered a complete portfolio of filter items for this demanding industrial market including supplying of metallic filter media in both pleated and cylindrical element forms as well as capsule and leaf disc filters. Strong worldwide references prove the high performance capabilities and long reliability of our filtration products.