Proudly made in the Netherlands

Date: 25-01-2022

Royal Dahlman, Maassluis - The Netherlands, has been awarded a contract for the design and delivery of a single vessel water filtration package for a global chemical company in Tarragona, Spain. Royal Dahlman is well known for its deep know-how in designing both water and produced water filtration systems. With already two large multi vessel systems running at the production facilities in Tarragona it is the third Royal Dahlman water filtration system that will be delivered for this specific facility.

Features & Benefits of ROYAL DAHLMAN Water Filtration Packages

Proven technology – Royal Dahlman systems are running in excellent operation, both onshore and offshore with major Oil & Gas and Chemical companies for many years, which demonstrates the reliability of its products.

Custom made – Royal Dahlman designs and engineers the filter units in the Netherlands according to the international standards and clients specific project requirements. As a result, all work is kept centralized, while keeping the costs low and quality and flexibility high.

Small Plot space – Royal Dahlman makes use of unique highly effective distribution nozzles. As a result, the filtration capacity of the sand bed is most effectively used and cleaned, reducing the required sand volume and thus plot space.

Optimal backwashing with long life of the media – A unique internal design with proprietary flow distribution nozzles provide a proven technology and gives the absolute best backwashing results, with no formation of mud balls. Mud balls may form when the filter is not optimally backwashed.

Performance software modelling – Filter cycle times and differential pressure graphs are calculated for different solid loadings using software which provide operators the most accurate filtration performances and guarantees.

The Royal Dahlman Water Filtration systems are proudly made in the Netherlands.