Dahlman Vane Cage Scrubber technology for Starch emissions

Date: 16-10-2018

Dahlman successfully delivered a high efficient Vane Cage scrubber for an international operating starch manufacturer in Western Europe. Next to the two existing Dahlman Vane cage scrubbers, a third Dahlman scrubber is now installed. The Dahlman Vane Cage scrubber is known to effectively reduce dust emissions to below 10mg/m3 downstream the starch drying process. Due to its non-fouling and low pressure drop design the vane cage scrubber allows for uninterrupted operation with minimum downtime and low energy consumption.

Tightening emission legislation force operators to take measures and we are proud to see that our clients select Dahlman technology based on years of experience and the high service level we provide.

Apart from that the Dahlman Vane Cage scrubber is perhaps one of the most cost effective solutions with a small footprint and low energy consumption.

Vane cage scrubbers can be modularly extended with a heat recovery, Odour removal or VOC removal section. Please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry or to contact our sales consultants for more information.