Dahlman Filter Services unique added value

Date: 01-11-2019

The primary goal of Royal Dahlman is unburdening its customers, no matter how difficult situations may get. When suddenly unexpected external factors jeopardize the performance of your business one should immediate anticipate to it and show flexibility. At that very moment one shall adjust, think in solutions and be perseverant finding a solution. For a Dutch site of one of the world's leading chemical companies, Royal Dahlman most recently has managed such a situation by turning it into a successful resolution. Our Dahlman facility in Elsloo was informed that one of our manufacturers would stop the production of a specific type of filter element at short notice. This specific element is used extensively by our customer in their production process and as such is a critical part of their operations. Switching to another manufacturer was not a possible option so we had to come up with a different kind of solution. After finding an agreement with both our customer and our manufacturer we decided to place an order for an annual volume of filter elements. Our manufacturer was able to produce this annual volume exclusively for Dahlman, a production order covering 80.000 elements. This solution gives our customer sufficient time to find a permanent solution in the year after next, in which again we will provide our services in finding a sustainable solution.

This solution was a great deal to Royal Dahlman in connection to demonstrate the added value in the supply chain and to the reliability of production continuation of our customer. After finalization of the production order for these filter elements the production line was taken out of operation by the manufacturer. Given the fact that the manufacturing of these filter elements took place overseas, the logistic process was also a challenge. Nevertheless, after months of hard work and determination, Royal Dahlman finally did manage to accommodate all the 80.000 filters in its own warehouse at our offices in Elsloo and Maassluis.
The proven synergy between Royal Dahlman, our customer and our manufacturer demonstrated that even in this very harsh and complex situation everyone was very satisfied with the final result. This again shows the power and added value of Royal Dahlman and our endless perseverance relieving our customers.