Awarded for wet gas scrubber

Date: 21-01-2019

Wet gas scrubber awarded to Royal Dahlman

A large renowned Belgian producer of bakery ingredients has selected Royal Dahlman for the delivery of a wet gas scrubber for compliance with emission legislations. The Royal Dahlman Vane-Cage Scrubber (VCS) is installed downstream a dryer and will remove sticky dust fines from the humid air. From origin the VCS is a common used technology after dryers in the starch industry to comply with the stringent emission requirements (in some cases < 5 mg/Nm3). The countercurrent action of the VCS provides substantially better contact than a regular cocurrent venturi type scrubber. This superior liquid-to-gas contact provides optimal “mass transfer” and improved absorption of particulates and vapor. Also last year a major starch manufacturer ordered a Royal Dahlman Vane-Cage Scrubber for its excellent performance.