Awarded for project - Terraced Filter Technology

Date: 30-09-2016

Royal Dahlman has recently been awarded a contract for the process design, engineering, production, assembly and testing of a skid mounted filtration package.
The process module uses Royal Dalman’s proprietary terraced filter technology.
The unit will be installed at the Pernis refinery as part of the Solvent DeAsphalter project. Completion of this project enables the refinery to increase their range of products in their portfolio and strengthen their competitiveness position in the market. The critical delivery schedule to meet with the overall SDA project schedule has resulted in a ‘fast track’ project execution.
As Royal Dahlman has a strong track record in the supply of high-end filtration technology projects, from testing and design engineering until turnkey delivery in a challenging schedule, Royal Dahlman has been awarded this project.