High Efficiency

Waste-to-Energy Solutions

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Biomass and waste are a valuable carbon source. Combustion of biomass and waste may still be used more;  gasification opens the full potential of this carbon source. Combustion gives heat which can be converted to electricity. Gasification gives a combustible product gas that can produce considerably more energy by the application of gas engines or gas turbine combined cycles.

Moreover; product gas can also be converted into gaseous and liquid fuels like SNG, hydrogen or Fisher Tropsch Diesel.

Commercially scaled gasifiers are normally fluidized beds. Circular fluidized beds (CFB) or bubbling fluidized beds (BFB) are proven and known technologies. Royal Dahlman can offer an integrated solution – from biomass or waste to clean gas suitable for e.g. a gas turbine – with a classic fluidized bed or the novel MILENA technology.