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Divisional Profile

Royal Dahlman offers a 2-folded approach towards the Gas Turbine power generation business:

  • Smart engineered auxiliary components towards Gas Turbine Manufacturers and Packagers
  • Customized package design and production solutions for Upgrading & Repowering Projects 

In the  early '70’s last century a new energy source became available on a large scale in the Netherlands; the Dutch government made significant investments in a new natural gas distribution network throughout the country. Pressurizing this gas distribution system, large gas turbine driven compressors where installed at several locations throughout the country. Royal Dahlman was requested to design and install the exhaust systems for the 6 largest Gas turbines (GE frame 5), leading to a new era for both the citizens of the Netherlands and Royal Dahlman.

Building on a mutual and long term commitment, exchange of engineering-design and engineering-manufacturing expertise is key for our OEM-customer base that trust on reliable package components.Royal Dahlman's smart engineering capabilities in NPI and FPQ trajects for these auxiliary components are therefore well rewarded.



Dahlman is fully qualified to various norms and standards including: ISO, VCA**, ASME, PED etc. But quality is not only about paper qualifications, it is also a mindset which can be recognised in all of our employees. Quality is often just going that extra mile and taking a little extra care. Our staff are all carefully selected specialists, each dedicated to doing his or her job to the highest possible levels. Naturally we have a Quality Control manager at company level. However, each project is also carefully controlled and monitored by a specially selected project manager. His function is to ensure that every aspect of development and engineering is under close scrutiny to ensure that our products are built to specification, built safely and will also give years of reliable service to the end-user. At Dahlman we take quality very seriously indeed.


4 LM6000 Radial Exhaust

From Design to Realization

Refreshing ideas and practical solutions. This is what we offer you, from the beginning to the very end. Simply introducing ideas is noncommittal as well. Royal Dahlman strive to realize them. This is only possible due to the commitment of our highly qualified personnel. The long-term experience and in-depth know-how of our product specialists enable Royal Dahlman to contribute ideas with our clients. Your situation is both the starting point and the key to the solutions.

Various designs can be developed for you and tested by us. We are only satisfied when our solutions meet your technical requirements, when it is economically feasible, and people as well as the environment are considered in the process. Detailed engineering and the production of equipment is managed by our own personnel. This means that we are fully in control to guarantee our high quality standards and to perform within the agreed timeframe.

As such Royal Dahlman is your partner. Innovative and reliable since 1886.


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