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Gas Turbine Auxiliary Solutions

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Customized Design & EPCM solutions

Repower, Upgrade, On/offshore, Green Field

Air Intake Systems

Conditioning, Silencer, Ducting, Inlet Volute

Gas Turbine Acoustic Packaging

Frame, Enclosure, Ventilation, Fire Fighting

Auxiliary systems
Exhaust systems

Diffuser, Collector, Hot gas silencer, Stack

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Royal Dahlman offers a 2-folded approach towards the Gas Turbine power generation business:

  • Smart engineered auxiliary components towards Gas Turbine Manufacturers and Packagers
  • Customized package design and production solutions for Upgrading & Repowering Projects 

In the  early '70’s a new energy source became available on a large scale in the Netherlands; the Dutch government made significant investments in a new natural gas distribution network throughout the country. Pressurizing this gas distribution system, large gas turbine driven compressors where installed at several locations throughout the country. Royal Dahlman was requested to design and install the exhaust systems for the 6 largest Gas turbines (GE frame 5), leading to a new era for both the citizens of the Netherlands and Royal Dahlman.

The acquisition of Platex in the '80's enabled Royal Dahlman to expand it manufacturing platform. Combustion air filters (GT filter houses) were delivered to various renowned gas turbine packagers. By the late '90's a further investment into the engineering & design know-how for heavy duty exhaust plenums and hot gas silencers illustrated Royal Dahlman's commitment to serve the Gas Turbine Industry. Adding acoustic design expertise with adequate solutions provided customers with the one-stop shop. The extensive project support in an OEM project (GE) for EON Leiden, The Netherlands in the early '00's demonstrated the so-called customized solution approach.

Building on a mutual and long term commitment, exchange of engineering-design and engineering-manufacturing expertise is key for our OEM-customer base that trust upon reliable package components. Royal Dahlman's smart engineering capabilities in NPI and FPQ trajectories for these auxiliary components are therefore well rewarded.

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