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Gas Treatment - Amine Filtration

“Major Oil & Gas companies benefit already from big savings with ROI’s of less than one year by using Royal Dahlman’s amine filters. What’s holding you?”

Royal Dahlman's special high capacity amine filtration systems offers the following main benefits:

  • Solids are stored inside the filter elements,
  • No spillage or environmental pollution during element change-out,
  • Quick and easy element change-out,
  • High flows can be treated per element and as such a limited number of elements is required.

Many gas treating plants suffer from high solids content in the amine circulation loop. The root cause for this is the reaction of sulphur and iron in those system. It forms Iron sulphide, a sticky matter, like shoe polish, which tends to block the filter. Over the years Royal Dahlman’s unique amine filtration systems are selected by major Oil & Gas companies as the leading technology. In most cases the ROI is less than one year! 

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