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Success in Optimised Dust Collectors

Date: 04-11-2014

Royal Dahlman has successfully delivered three new dust collectors to a valued customer producing plastics. In January 2014 the situation  was carefully reviewed on the spot at the facilities by the team of Dahlman Filter Services and several dust sources were identified in the plant which needed to be addressed.An offer was sent to the customer for three new collectors which were ordered in consultation with Royal Dahlman. In May this year the equipment  was assembled in the Royal Dahlman facilities of Elsloo, The Netherlands and transported to the customer, who in turn successfully installed them at the factory.

After several weeks of operation it was proven  that the dust collectors are doing their job and hardly any dust particles are being released into the plant.This makes it a much more comfortable and safe working environment  for employees, in a cleaner and therefore healthier environment.