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Flexible Filter Maintenance Approach

Date: 22-08-2014

More and more Royal Dahlman customers are, in addition to using Dahlman filter elements and equipment, considering the option of having their filter maintenance performed regularly by Dahlman. In practise this varies from carrying out work at the customers workplace to providing a complete cleansing service. The assembly of various filters at our facilities in Elsloo, The Netherlands is also amongst one of the possibilities.

Preferably these maintenance operations are scheduled in advance  in order to keep the processing time, and therefore the downtime  in which a filter is not in use, as short as possible. However, scheduled replacement  is not always possible and unforeseen circumstances may arise. Royal Dahlman knows as no other how important a quick response is at the moment when a critical filter can no longer  be kept in operation, for example through a fault. The Royal Dahlman Filter Services team  has recently been able to demonstrate the importance of flexibility  yet again. Through the rapid response and clever organisation by Royal Dahlman, five packages of 57 filter plates each, were tightened with a new filter cloth at very short notice which enabled the relevant chemical plant to restart within a time scale of only one week, therefore significantly reducing downtime of the related process.